Junkyard - We are fashion, street and sports
    Junkyard started in 2002 as a small skate-shop but has today grown into the biggest scandinavian online store for street fashion. We are fashion, street and sports and combine these three elements to hit the perfect balance. With our own brands SWEET SKTBS, JUNKYARD and a large selection of external brands, we help you find your personal style. Blend styles, brands and materials exactly how you want. With Junkyard you will dare to be you.
    Junkyard.com - We are fashion, street and sports.

    Company information
    Organisation number: 556603-2107
    The Registered office is in Trollhättan, Sweden.

    Junkyard AB
    Ladugårdvägen 101
    461 70 Trollhättan

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: +46 10-510 05 00

    Amfori BSCI

    Amfori BSCI

    We are keen on knowing that the goods we buy and sell are manufactured under the right conditions for those who work at the factories and that they also take the environment into account. Therefore, Junkyard joined Amfori BSCI as a member in 2017. Amfori BSCI started in 2003 with the aim of helping companies improve the working conditions of their suppliers around the world. We work with our suppliers to implement the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct as a way of continuously improving terms and conditions in the factories where our products are manufactured.
    Read more about Amfori BSCI and the code of conduct here.

    We care about unwanted chemicals not beeing used in the production of our goods. Therefore, we use the Textile Importers Chemical Guide as part of our supplier's agreement. The Chemicals Guide of Textile Importers takes into account European and national legislation on chemicals, and also includes industry standards and practices that extend beyond legal requirements.
    Want to know more about our work with chemicals? Please contact us here.

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