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      • I can't find the size I am looking for, do you have more?
        • If you can't find an item, it is sold out. What is displayed on your page is what we have in stock
      • How do I shop?

          Junkyard have several departments so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. The departments are called Man, Woman, Skate, Snow, Sales and MAG. You find them at the top of the page.

          Guys - here you find categories, brands and products for men.

          Girls - here you find categories, brands and products for women.

          Sneakers - here you find all our sneakers and shoes.

          Kids - here you find categories, brands and products for kids.

          Skate - Here we focus on skate and all that this entitles: Skateboards, longboards and cruisers as well as related apparel and accessories.

          Sale - here you find categories, brands and products on sale.


          When you have chosen a category or brand you can use the filter to your left to narrow down your search. In the filter you can for example choose to see several selected categories and brands at the same time, your sizes and the prices and colors you are interested in.


          The shopping cart is always placed at the top of every page. When you add an item to the shopping cart the shopping cart tab turns red and you can see the number of added products and the current amount. You click on the red tab to see the shopping card. In the shopping cart you find the button to take you to the check-out to complete your purchase.


          At the check-out you enter your name and contact details and select a payment method Agree to the terms and conditions and click "complete purchase". Depending on your payment method, you could be forwarded to our partner Adyen where you fill out the required information.


          After the purchase has been completed, an order confirmation is sent to the e-mail address you entered at the check-out. When the parcel is dispatched from our warehouse, you receive an e-mail with tracking information for your parcel.

      • Has my order been dispatched yet?
          Have you checked your mail if there is a message from us? There could be a problem with your order and we have tried to contact you.
      • I haven't received any notification/sms from UPS. What has happened?
        • Use the tracking number you got in your mail to search on posten.se. You can see if your parcel has arrived to your delivery point and you can collect it with your tracking number and ID card.
      • For how long will my parcel be with UPS?
        • They keep it for 14 days before returning it to us.
      • What happens if I don't collect my parcel?
        • You have 14 days to collect your parcel as long as it hasn't been sent as a regular letter directly to your mailbox. If you don't collect the parcel within that time, it is automatically returned to us. You will then be charged a fee of 25 €. Payment terms are 15 days. The fee covers the costs for service, shipping, return shipping and other handling.

          Keep in mind that if you have chosen to pay with invoice, the 14 days start from the day the parcel is shipped from us. You are liable for payment until the day we have received the returned parcel and annulled your invoice.
      • I received the wrong item, what do I do?
        • Contact customer support and they will help you exchange your item.
      • Why don't I receive any e-mails from you?
        • Check if our e-mails are in your junk mail. If not, you might have entered an incorrect e-mail address when ordering. Contact customer support at info@junkyard.com and quote your customer information and they will be able to help you.
      • I have received my parcel and want to return/exchange one or several items. How do I do this?
        • •You can easily register your return or exchange at My Account > My orders.

          Keep in mind that if you have chosen to pay with invoice, the 14 days start from the day the parcel is shipped from us. You are liable for payment during the entire return/exchange process.
      • How and when will I get my money refunded?
        • We usually refund your money within two weeks after receiving your return. This is automatic depending on your payment method. In some exceptions it could take longer, however not more than 30 days.

          Payment by card:

          The money is refunded to the card used when ordering. When you check your statement of account if your money has been refunded to your bank account or not, you should check starting from the date the order was placed as it often looks like the money is refunded in conjunction with the order date.


          The refund is made to your PayPal-account:

          Return shipping:

          A fee for the return shipping might be added when you made your return. The amount will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded.
      • When will I get my exchange item?
        • When we have received and processed your return we will send you a confirmation via e-mail. You will also get an e-mail when the parcel is dispatched from us, usually 1-2 days after the first e-mail.
      • How do I know if I have won?
        • We contact all winners via e-mail shortly after the contest is closed.
    • OTHER
      • What should I do if I don't get an answer to my question here?
        • If you don't find an answer to your question here, you can read more in our Terms and Conditions or contact us via our contact form.
      • These terms and conditions ("Agreement" below) refer to online shopping (distance shopping). Junkyard AB (Corporate Registration Number: 556603-2107) is the selling party. You ("the Customer" below) is the buying party. The terms and conditions in this Agreement is adapted to sales of goods (products below) to individuals aged 18 years and older. You can easily place an order at http://www.junkyard.com.

        Conditions or part thereof of this Agreement that deviate from mandatory law is without effect to the extent that the incident is not in favor of the customer. This provision applies only if the customer is a private individual and that the purchase relates to private consumption.

    • ORDER
      • It's easy and convenient to order from Junkyard AB. We offer secure payment options and safe deliveries. Junkyard AB receive your order when you click "Purchase" at the Check-out (step 1 out of 1). When Junkyard have received your order you get an order confirmation sent to the e-mail address you entered when you placed your order. When you click "Purchase" the Agreement is concluded.

        Safe shopping with the right to amend your order
        If you should change your mind, it is within your right to amend your order. To amend your order, you should contact us on telephone number: +46 (0)10 510 05 00. Amending of the order must be notified before the order is packed (effected).
        Safe shopping with the right to cancel your order
        If you should change your mind you can cancel your order. To cancel your order you have to log in to your account at http://www.junkyard.com. The cancellation must be notified before the order is packed (effected). You find more information about how you use and shop from www.junkyard.com in our FAQ.

      • The prices are in euro (EUR) including VAT according to current tax rate. VAT is charged with 25% when applicable. Fees for shipping and payment might be added to every order, see §5. Payment and §7. Delivery in this Agreement for further information.

        Fee for uncollected parcel
        If you are not able to pick up your delivery as agreed, we charge a fee of 25 EUR including VAT. The fee is necessary to cover the shipping and handling fees that occur. Note that if you have not received or collected a parcel, this is not considered as cancelling your order. See §8 for further information. Order cancellation and return below.
        Offers and promotions promoted on www.junkyard.com are valid for as long as the stock lasts unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions of the offer.

      • All products on offer at www.junkyard.com are adapted for the European market. This means that the products meet the European environmental and safety regulations. An instruction manual in English is usually included when necessary for using the product.

        Color rendering of the product images
        The product images displayed on www.junkyard.com should render the product's color and properties as realistic as possible. As the color rendering might depend on your screen, we cannot guarantee that the products colors are exactly how they are displayed on your screen.

      • Payment by card

        Junkyard AB offers payment by card with our partner PayEx.

        PayEx accept the following type of cards


        -VISA Electron




        Quick and easy payment with PayPal. Read more about Paypal here.

      • Junkyard AB will begin to conclude this agreement when you click "Purchase" at the check-out. Junkyard AB have fulfilled their obligations when you have received complete delivery of your ordered products. As the customer, you have fulfilled your obligation when you have paid the full payment and received the products as agreed.

      • The products are delivered directly to the address you entered upon ordering or to an access point. Junkyard AB ship orders on weekdays. The stock status displays the current stock of the product. General delivery times are stated below. If the order includes products with different delivery status, the longest delivery time applies.

        Shipping fee:

        UPS home delivery: 6,95 EUR – the package is delivered to the address you entered when at the cash register
        UPS access point: 4,95 EUR – the package is delivered to an UPS access point

        Free shipping

        If the product order is more than 100 EUR the shipping is free of charge.

        Delivery time:

        Parcels are usually delivered within 2-6 working days from the day the order leaves Junkyard. The delivery time might be longer during sales. If your delivery address is in a rural area or on an island without normal bridge, the delivery time might be extended with 2-7 working days.

        Do you need your delivery extra quick? You have the option to choose faster handeling of your order when at the cash register. Orders placed before 13:00 on weekdays will be shipped from our store the same day. If you place your order on a weekend or after 13:00 your order is shipped the following weekday. Estimated delivery time 2-5 working days.

        A parcel must be collected within 10 days from notification date. Uncollected parcels are returned to Junkyard and the customer is charged a fee of 25 EUR including VAT.

        The parcels are delivered by UPS

        Risk and Liability

        The risk of a consignment/parcel is transferred to the customer once delivered. This means that Junkyard AB is liable for the parcel until delivered to you.

      • 30 days return policy
        You have 30 days return policy from when you have received your product. During this period, Junkyard will refund products for same value you paid. The customer pays for the return shipping cost when invoking the cancellation right. Junkyard AB will not bear the costs for other services. When using the prepaid UPS return label a return freight cost of 4,95 EUR will be charged and the cost for the return freight will be deducted from the refund.
        The following terms and conditions apply for return policy:
        -The product should be unused and in undamaged condition.
        -The product should not be assembled.
        -The original packaging should be undamaged and labels still attached to the product.
        - Sealed products from our Beauty department where the seal has been broken.

        Instructions on how to return an item are included with every parcel.

        30 days exchange policy – free of charge!
        You have the right to exchange a product within 30 days after the product's been delivered to you. Upon exchange you get a credit voucher with the same value as the returned goods to be used at Junkyard AB. Using the UPS return label for sending back for an exchange is free of charge. The credit balance for the product is credited from the value of the product you order when invoking the return and exchange policy. Should the value of the products you ordered exceed the balance of your credit voucher, you pay the difference to Junkyard AB. Should the value of the returned products exceed the value of the products in the new order, the difference will be refunded to you.
        The following terms and conditions apply for exchange policy:
        -The product should be unused and in undamaged condition.
        -The product should not be assembled.
        -The original packaging should be undamaged and labels still attached to the product.
        - Sealed products from our Beauty department where the seal has been broken.

        Instructions on how to return an item are included with every parcel.

      • Claims policy
        Customer who purchased a product as a private individual has the right to return the product if it is incorrect according to Consumer Services Act(1990:932), together with the Consumer Services Act (1985:716). The warranty covers manufacturing defects and valid for 3 years from the time you receive the product. The warranty also covers damages/defects that occurred during the transportation of the product to you. (See Complaints about transport damage below). A product that differs from what has been agreed between you and Junkyard AB or otherwise is defect can also be regarded as damaged/defected. Defect caused by a damage you have caused, is not considered a manufacturing defect.

        If you lodge a claim for a defected product more than 6 months after you have received the product, it is your responsibility to demonstrate that it was a manufacturing defect. Junkyard AB therefore recommend that you always check the products upon delivery and notify us of any defects as soon as possible. When lodging a claim for a defect, you have the right to have the defect fixed or have it replaced. Sometimes you can even cancel the agreement and get a refund. When your claim has been approved, you will not bear any costs that could arise due to the claim. For example, costs for shipping a faulty product will be on Junkyard AB. Note that you as the customer should try to minimize any costs that might arise due to a faulty/damaged product.


        -If the item has been used it has to be cleaned before returning it.

        -For claims where you will get a refund, there could be a deduction from the item's value depending on the age and how it has been used since the time of purchase. Generally there is a 20% depreciation for hardware and 33% per year for apparel and accessories.

        -All claims regarding snowboards and longboards are subjects to assessment by the supplier in question.

        -Cracked snowboards, skateboards and longboards are usually not approved claims.

        Contact details for claims
        E-mail info@junkyard.com or telephone: +46 (0)10-510 05 00.
        Returns in claims cases
        The customer should contact Junkyard AB before returning a defective item. To return defective products or material, please see §10. Returns.

      • When returning products or material to Junkyard AB, the products should be packed in a way to ensure protection during transportation. Junkyard AB therefore recommend that you always pack the products the same way and with the same wrapping as when they were delivered to you. In case you pack or wrap products in a substandard way and the products are damaged during transport to Junkyard AB, you are liable for the damage. When returning products to Junkyard AB, you are liable for the products until they reach Junkyard AB in an undamaged condition.

        Return instructions
        A prepaid return label is included in every package, it is attached on the back side of the receipt.

        You will be charged a cost for return freight 4,95 EUR for using the return label. The return freight cost will be deducted from your refund.

        You will not be charged for using the return label if you requested an exchange to a different product rather than a refund.

        Instructions for return procedure are included in every shipment.

        We will refund your money no later than 14 days after invoking the return policy or if the return has been an approved claim.

      • Reservation for cancellation
        Junkyard AB reserve the right to cancel the agreement if the customer has acted in bad faith due to discrepancies the customer ought to have been familiar with or realized, such as incorrect prices or quantity on www.junkyard.com. In a case when the cancellation right is invoked, the customer has no right to indemnity or other compensation from Junkyard AB.
        Reservation for changes
        Junkyard AB reserve the right to without prior notification change the content of www.junkyard.se which includes, but not limited to, selection, price and promotions. A change does however not affect already existing agreements between Junkyard AB and customer.
        Reservation for liability
        Junkyard AB shall be deemed exempt from all obligations under the Agreement on liability, in case of events that have occurred outside this agreement, Junkyard AB's business or what would otherwise follow enforceable law.

      • Force Majeure
        In the event of government action or omission, new legislation, labor conflict, war or threat of war, major disruptions of public order, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstances beyond Junkyard AB's control and which Junkyard AB could not reasonably have overcome or anticipate, Junkyard AB have the right to withdraw from their obligations under this Agreement. In such events, Junkyard AB cannot be held liable for damage which the customer had.
        External links
        Junkyard AB are not liable for any damages or problems with the customer's soft- or hardware due to the customer using external links published on www.junkyard.com
        Subject to price fluctuations or other obstacles to trade
        At the price fluctuations or other barriers, such as lack of necessary component, where Junkyard AB cannot reasonably be held to their obligations under this Agreement, Junkyard AB have the right to cancel the Agreement. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to any claim or compensation from Junkyard AB.
        Subject to tax and fee changes
        In case of tax- or fee changes which are of great importance for the conditions of this Agreement, Junkyard AB have the right to cancel the Agreement. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to any claim or compensation from Junkyard AB.
        Subject to shipping delays outside of Junkyard AB's control
        If there is a delay in delivery that is due to an event outside of Junkyard AB's control, Junkyard AB are not held liable for damage caused by such a delay in delivery. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to any claim or compensation from Junkyard AB unless agreed otherwise between Junkyard AB and the customer or regulations that follow mandatory law.

      • Information such as personal details or other information or part of document that the customer provides to Junkyard AB will be stored and processed in a digital format. Junkyard AB are liable for storing and processing the information according to the Personal Data Act. The customer's information will be used by Junkyard AB to enable and ensure a fulfillment of the Agreement as well as for marketing purposes on behalf of the company.

        Responsible for personal data:
        Junkyard AB (Org. 556603-2107) Godhem, Överby 46170 TROLLHÄTTAN,SWEDEN
        Stored personal information:



        -E-mail address

        -Telephone number

        -Personal Identification number/Social security number

        -Shopping history at Junkyard AB

        This information might be shared with third party and used for the following purposes:

        -Collaborators in payment services with the purpose to ensure fulfillment of the agreement.

        -Collaborators in logistic services (shipping services) with the purpose to ensure fulfillment of the agreement.

        Deregistration of customer information:
        As a customer you are able to have your customer details deleted from Junkyard AB's register if you provide a written and signed request, with reservations for keeping information required for Junkyard AB to maintain correct accounting and bookkeeping.

    • OTHER
      • Police report
        Junkyard AB always report fraud and attempt at fraud to the police.
        Discrepancies between publications
        Should there be any difference between information on www.junkyard.com and other publications, the information found www.junkyard.com prevails. However, this does not apply to information that is clearly incorrect or misleading upon a comparison between the different publications.
        Intellectual property, logotypes and trademarks
        All material published on http://www.junkyard.se, including software, logos, audio clips, trademarks and text & image are protected intellectual property. The protection means that the material may not be used without his permission, the material may not be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without Junkyard AB explicit permission. Any violations will be prosecuted.
        Purpose of the information
        All information on www.junkyard.com, regardless of format, is published only for informative purposes for the visitor to be able to use the website. Junkyard AB are therefore not liable for any consequences or damages that might occur if this information is used for any other purpose than stated above.
        Cookies are small text files that are saved on the visitor's computer when they visit a website. At http://www.junkyard.se the following types of cookies are used: Session cookies: are stored only temporarily on your computer in order for you to use the website without problems. When you close down the browser saved session cookies are cleared as well. Persistent cookies: "Permanent cookies" are stored on your computer and are permanent. Persistent cookies are used for identifying a frequent visitor and sometimes even as a basis for statistical program. Visitors can manually delete this type of cookie files from their computer. If these files are deleted such as selections made by the visitor on the website will no longer be saved until the next visit.
        Dispute between Junkyard AB and customer will be referred to the court following enforceable law. If a case is tried by the National Board of Consumer's Complaint, Junkyard AB will acknowledge the Board's decision.

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